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R.I.P Taemints

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JjongD @BNR






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Chanyeol - Ivy club bts

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The promises we made disappeared with the time we spent together. The dominos have fallen with our breakup like Juliet and Romeo. Did I like you too much? The heat between me and you won’t cool down. Now I look back at the film with you, too early to do anything by thinking of you. You took away my stars at night, my sun at day. Only leaving me with the darkness of a single cold cloud If there are hellos, then there’s bound to be goodbyes? Never ever I don’t care about that, I don’t want to stick to that. I’ll turn away, hypnotizing myself…

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its been a tough day for Lee Taemin ^^;;

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exo x mcm

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All the love and attention.